The Power of First Impressions and Lasting Memories: Mastering Project Start and End!

Project Execution

Project management is a complex and challenging field that involves multiple stages and tasks to complete a project successfully. However, there are two project stages that are super crucial, and sponsors should pay extra attention to them: the project start and end. In this blog post, we will discuss why these two stages are crucial and why it is essential to close a project elegantly.

closing your project

Project Start:

The start of a project is where you set the project’s foundation. It involves defining the project’s objectives, scope, budget, timeline, and identifying the stakeholders. If you don’t set the project’s foundation correctly, you are likely to encounter issues and challenges later in the project. Therefore, it is crucial to spend enough time and effort at the beginning of the project to ensure a successful outcome.

Project End:

The project team wraps up the product (software) during the project end. They hand over the software to the support team, and generally, there is a get-together to thank and celebrate with the project team and stakeholders. Closing your project with elegance is so crucial because we have short memories. We are likely to feel good about an average project with a great end. At the same time, we may not want to associate with an excellent project that ended terribly. We are more distracted than ever before. Our memories are under the intense pressure of information overload. Hence, it is even more important to close your project elegantly.

Closing a project elegantly means acknowledging the project team’s hard work, thanking the stakeholders for their support, and reflecting on the project’s successes and challenges. It creates a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for everyone involved in the project. Moreover, a great end can leave a lasting impression, even if the project faced some challenges throughout its lifespan.

To illustrate the importance of closing a project elegantly, let’s reflect on some other examples where we see this happening in our daily lives. Politicians try to please citizens near the end of their term (before the next elections) because they want to leave a positive impression. Similarly, graduation ceremonies are a big deal because they mark the end of a significant phase in our lives, and we want to celebrate it in a memorable way. Builders make your house keys handover a special moment because they want you to remember them positively.

In conclusion, project start and end are the two most crucial stages of a project. It is essential to set the project’s foundation correctly and close it elegantly to ensure a successful outcome and leave a positive impression on everyone involved. Remember, closing a project elegantly is not just about celebrating successes but acknowledging the challenges faced and lessons learned, which can help improve future projects.