The top project risk is not budget, time or quality!


The triple constraints (Budget, Time and Quality) are popular in projects. Therefore, you will find that every Project Status Report (PSR) includes the status of triple constraints.

The problem is that the project is often marked as successful if it is delivered on time, under budget and with acceptable quality.

However, for the project to be successful, it must meet the outcomes per the Business case (Project justification).

Think of the scenario where the Project team delivers the software within an agreed budget, quality and timeline. However, the software does not meet the business needs.

Each PSR covers the triple constraints, but who is asking difficult questions like:

  • Is the chosen technology/product/platform continue to be the right fit for the business?
  • Do the vendor and the Project team fully understand the business needs?
  • Have we covered the complete implementation scope, and are we not missing anything critical?
  • Do we know our business requirements?
  • Have we communicated our business requirements to the vendors and the Project team?

The list can continue, but you get the point.

Remember, there is value in having an open discussion with the Project team. Ask such questions in informal meetings. Get to the bottom of the problems that the Project team raise with you.

The top project risk is not budget, time or quality!

Instead, it is sitting in the board room and relying on the PSRs, assuming they tell you the complete story!