The weak link breaks often!

Project Execution

Enterprise software implementations appear to have this common theme.

The weak link breaks often!

Let us face it, SMEs do not have proficient resources in Data Migration, Testing, Security setup, and Training. Yet, software vendors continue to safely assume that customer’s Project team would be able to figure it out.

Data Migration, Testing, Security setup, and end-user training are the customer’s responsibility as a standard practice. Unfortunately, it is so common to see projects that are stuck in these exact working areas.

The point is that, as a customer, you need help. Therefore, hire the right people for the job. Remember, the project is like a working machine. The output of one part is used as input to the other. Therefore delays and bottlenecks often delay the whole project.

As a sponsor, be aware of the weak links; when the pressure increases, the weak link breaks often!

What is your plan to mitigate this vital risk?

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