Thriving with Resource constraints!

Digital Transformation

Resource constraints are one of the most common business constraints. We cannot allocate resources for all projects within any organisation at once. So, if we have multiple projects, how do we decide which projects to execute first?

Generally, we have a good idea of which projects are priorities. However, you may find value in considering the following questions before deciding on the sequence of projects:

  1. Evaluate all candidate projects for selection by plotting them on the graph, with Effort/cost on the x-axis and Benefits on the y-axis. The graph may provide a more descriptive representation illustrating projects that fall in one of the four quadrants:
    1. Low-hanging fruit (Low Effort and Low Benefits)
    1. Low-hanging sweet fruit (Low Effort and High Benefits)
    1. Bitter fruit (High Effort and Low Benefits)
    1. Expensive sweet fruit (High Effort and High Benefits)
  2. Is it feasible to resource the selected projects? If not, then it is worth reconsidering our priority?
  3. What are the interrelationships among the projects? For example, are they for the same department, system, domain or technology?
  4. What are the interdependencies among the selected projects or other projects?
  5. What is the opportunity cost for not undertaking other projects?
  6. What is each project’s risk profile, and how are we managing the risk?

In the real world, prioritising projects may look simple. However, consider the above question before you make the final decision.