Top corporate sin! Are you committing it too?

Organisation Culture

Any good host would create an environment to make their guests comfortable. The sensible host even alters the environment (lighting, food, music) that suits the guest’s preferences.

Similarly, we must develop the habitat of animals and birds before bringing them to the zoo. Otherwise, they will die.

Kids need a learning and development environment in schools and universities.

Elders need the environment to support their daily needs and wellbeing in the Aged care houses.

The fact is that we need a supportive environment to survive, blossom, flourish and thrive.

But what about our workplaces? Are they safe to present ideas freely? How about our office politics to gain control and climb the corporate ladder? Does the project milestones are more important than the project team’s wellbeing? How do we treat bullies? How well do we listen to team members that need help?

Offering such a toxic environment is the top corporate sin that you can commit! It is like leaving your team with the slow poison that kills them socially, emotionally, mentally, and physically!

As an executive/sponsor, it is your moral responsibility to create an environment that supports the team to be their best! The environment where your team can feel safe and present the best version of themselves every day!

It is time to look at the environment that you are offering to your team. Ask questions to your team. Check the leading indicators of the toxic environment. Take action and promise yourself to never commit this terrible sin!