Top talent is not sufficient for a successful project!

Organisation Culture

Hiring top talent is not sufficient for a successful project. The Project team must also put their heart into the project. They must all have clarity on the end goal and a shared spirit to succeed in the initiative. So, as a sponsor, you must ensure the team develops a real human connection of belonging, love and care for each other.

In the project world, merely doing your job is not enough. The team must proactively look for potential risks/issues and report them. In addition, the team must roll their sleeves and help other team members. The team should not be shy to discuss crazy ideas, adapt, own, and move quickly to meet the project objective.

There are always unknowns within the projects. Hence, there can be unexpected delays. So, the team may have to put in extra work outside business hours to get things back on track. It requires dedication, courage, and sacrifice to meet the overall project goal. Therefore, merely doing your job is not going to cut it!

As a Project sponsor, develop a human connection, a common purpose, sense of achievement among the project team. Merely hiring top talent is not sufficient for a successful project!

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