Underutilisation of digital assets! A sheer waste!


Humans love to acquire stuff. The brain chemicals give us a sense of achievement and rewards. However, we struggle to make necessary changes in our lives to fully utilise things that we acquire.

Here are a few examples:

  • We buy big SUVs (4X4s) and seldom take them to hit a beach or dirt roads
  • We buy big houses but rarely optimally use the space
  • We buy clothes, food, gadgets but never make a conscious effort to utilise them fully

Our Digital assets are no different!

Businesses invest millions of dollars in enterprise applications (ERP/CRM). However, the staff rarely fully utilise the enterprise applications to their full potential. No wonder why benefits realisation is too tricky. If the end-users do not fully use the systems, how we can realise the benefits?

Underutilisation of digital assets

There are downstream effects as well. For example, when end-users do not fully use the enterprise systems, it results in incomplete and insufficient data. It affects reporting and Business intelligence.

Maybe it is a time to do some self-assessment within your business. Check how much the end-users are actually using the rich features of your digital assets.

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