We all are artists! Let’s make amazing art!


We all are artists, making a small contribution to a big piece of art. We may be working or not; we still are artists. Our art is our work, support, leadership, coaching and service. To perform our art, we rely on the art of others. Similarly, others rely on our art. Since the inception of humankind, this cycle of art development has been going on. People come, contribute to the big picture by their art, and then a new one arrives.

Since we all are artists, let’s make sure we make amazing art. Let us develop an artist’s mindset.

  • If you are a Developer, rather than blindly following a Function specification, understand business problems.
  • If you are a Project Manager, think of yourself as a symphony orchestra conductor. Ensure the project team and stakeholders work cohesively as one unit.
  • If you are a housewife, decorate the house and life of your family as a garden of Eden.

We all are artists. Let’s make amazing art because our art matters!