We are all blind!


We are all blind. As a result, we cannot see simple things that are pretty obvious to others. Our blindness can be due to multiple reasons.

  • Our blindness can be due to excessive consumption of food, alcohol, and drugs, which hinder our focus. We cannot see how much self-damage we are doing to ourselves.
  • Our blindness can be due to self-obsession and ego. It hinders us from acknowledging the existence of others around us. We are just too busy thinking and talking about ourselves.
  • Our blindness can be due to hoarding material possessions. It hinders our sense to realise resources and time spent on acquiring such possessions.

I believe there are infinite reasons for such blindness and the endless effects of blindness. Such blindness often has intoxicating effects. Many times, we don’t know we are blind. Even if someone tells us, we refuse to acknowledge it. Even if we recognise it, we often feel helpless about doing anything.

It is safe to assume that we are all affected by such blindness. We definitely need to find out more about it. Maybe the starting point is to start with ourselves and then ask people we trust.