We can Solve a Problem in a Million Different Ways!

Digital Transformation

We can solve a problem in a million different ways. The key is understanding the problem’s context before jumping straight onto it.

For example: What is the problem’s scope, constraints, dependencies, pain point, upstream and downstream processes? Who are the stakeholders, and how are affected by the problem? What has been done to address the issue to date? What are the budget, timelines and quality expectations? What are the options if we do not solve the problem? Do we have opportunities to solve the problem progressively in small iterations? Why is this problem so unique? What others have done to solve the same problem?

Understanding context is the first step before jumping to solve them.

The challenge, however, is that many Business problems often land in the hands of technologists (Developers, IT Managers, CIOs). Hence, the solution to these problems is limited to technological solutions. Which, in turn, is the breeding ground for more business problems.

One thing is for sure: this vicious cycle keeps the technical staff occupied and churning more stuff.

As a business leader, how are you addressing this problem?