We Have Control! Really?


We may want to think that we have control over our lives. However, the reality could be different. We are being controlled by:

  • Our genes
  • Wiring on our brain and decision-making
  • Hormones
  • Habits
  • Conforming to social norms
  • Human Psychology
  • Our unique way of viewing and interpreting the world
  • Our motivations, desires, fears, and numerous other triggers
  • Our environment (Place, People, and culture around us)
  • Our influencers, who conditioned our minds and hearts
  • Constant fireworks of thoughts that we claim are ours
  • Randomly choosing specific thoughts to action (e.g. I want to quit my job and set up my own business)

And many more…

So, thinking that ‘we have control’ is likely an illusion.