If we are on a journey together, we must work together!


We have many things in common when we are on a journey together. We have a common destination, shared experiences, wins, and losses.

During our travels, we may be responsible for different things and want the liberty to make our own decisions. But if our choices impact the journey, they are no longer our personal decisions. Instead, they become the group decisions. Furthermore, during the journey, if we are not performing our duties well. It is not our problem; it is everyone’s joint problem.

In the projects, we may represent or own a discrete area. However, we must note that our decisions, performance, and activity impact the entire project. So, we must listen with intent and take ownership of the feedback.

Similarly, we must understand how other areas impact the overall project. Suppose the others are not performing well or making wise decisions. In that case, it is our responsibility to take remedial action.

If we are on a journey to win and lose together, we must work together!