What is loyalty?


In the business environment, we determine loyalty by the number of years in the service.

However, it is one of the most crude ways to determine loyalty.

Let us measure loyalty in a more real way.

Here are a few characteristics of a loyal employee:

  • They are prepared to tell you that you are/were wrong to your face.
  • They put you and your company above anything else, even their own career.
  • They are prepared to sacrifice their own personal time for the organisation. For example, thinking about the business problem when every other family member is asleep.
  • They focus on doing the right thing, even at the cost of upsetting others.
  • They say ‘yes’ to most things that support you and the organisation.

So, what is loyalty?

Loyalty is putting the organisation/mission/goals above everything. Loyalty is about putting everything to meet the set objectives. Loyalty is to give more than you take. Loyalty is about dedication, sacrifice, and service, with no expectations of receiving back. Loyalty is to learn to be up on your toes, learn, evolve, adapt, and change to support the organisation.