What is the workflow?

Project Execution

In the good old days, the work within offices used to flow within paper files. Each file had a unique ID, a few forms, and supporting documentation.

The file is used to move from one desk to another. Then, the file processing staff adds new information and makes decisions as it progresses. Finally, when the objective of the file is met, the file is archived. This is how work used to flow in those days.

So, what is the workflow?

The workflows in enterprise or BPR software do the same job. The main difference is that digital files have replaced paper files. System-generated file IDs replace handwritten unique file IDs. The file process staff can easily upload additional documentation to the file.

The system can take a date/time stamp of every decision made on the file. There are full audit capabilities to track every aspect of the file. The information is transparent, so the staff with the right access can see the files. Further, the set logic can dictate the next stage of the file. So, the file status (open, processing, on hold, closed) indicates the file’s current status.

So, the workflow may appear to be a fancy new concept in modern software systems. But, it is the same good old process!