What is your focus point?

Project Execution

It may sound strange, but it is true!

Technology projects revolve around the Sponsor’s focus point!

The Project team, vendors, and Business executives ensure to keep the Sponsor in confidence. Ultimately, as a Sponsor, you are accountable for the project. You are the key decision maker and the one approving the Project cost. So, everyone ensures that you are comfortable with the project execution and that your needs are met.

So, the question is, what is your objective? What is your focus point?

  • Are you focusing on replicating the technology and capabilities you have implemented in past organisations, Or are you focusing on finding the best possible outcome based on the dynamics of your current organisation?
  • Are you going to exert authority and tell the Project team what to do, Or clearly define the expected outcome and leave it to the Project team to meet the objective (Delegate)?
  • Are you going to make decisions for others, Or empower others to make sensible decisions?
  • Are you going to build a strong Project team or pretend everything is okay?
  • Are you going to adopt the new Information system (ERP), Or customise the system to replicate your existing system?

Remember, as A Sponsor; you have a crucial role to play. You may not believe or acknowledge it. But the technology projects revolve around you and the things you focus on.

So, knowing what you are focusing on is quite essential!

It may be an excellent time to evaluate. Are you focusing on the right things? Things that matter!

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