When Nothing is Working the Way You Expect!


Have you ever felt that you put in a lot of effort but got little return? You may think that nothing is working the way you expect. Things look complex and ambiguous. It is like fighting hard in the dark.

For example, the business is not growing as planned, the employees are not utilising existing business systems, and customer experience is still average, apart from much effort.

We all feel stuck on such issues. The general problem is that we approach these problems the same way we always have. If our approach has not worked before, the new approaches will likely follow the same pattern. So, we keep trying different things without much success and feel exhausted.

So, what can we do about it?

For me, it has always been an experienced outsider who has pulled me out. My mentors, experienced consultants, advisors, friends, and people I trust have been there. They add value because they think differently from me, are more experienced, or ask questions that challenge my assumptions.

So, if you are feeling stuck, feel like your efforts are not returning the results you expect, or doing too many things, talk to an experienced person in your domain. You will be amazed by the value they offer!

Good luck!