Magic Happens When We Like Others!

Organisation Culture

When we collaborate, we win. When we argue, we lose!

It is common sense, but it is also uncommon too.

In my experience, to collaborate, we must like other team members. When we like others, we hear more deeply. Even if we disagree, we acknowledge where we agree first. There are no personal attacks. Everyone feels comfortable being open and vulnerable.

For example, if a team member says we should reprioritise the initiatives. The other team member may respond, – I agree, and it has value. However, we should first complete the existing projects that we are working on.

In my observation, when we like others (or form good relationships), we agree before we disagree. Others do not feel offended when we disagree because they reciprocate by hearing our point before raising theirs.

In such a working environment, I have seen many moments of light bulbs lighting up. We have productive discussions and find innovative solutions.

But it all starts from us.

When we like others