Which type of buyer are you?

Visioning and Selection

We buy for different reasons. There is nothing good or bad with our buying habits, but few practices are better than others.

Let us look at the following three types of buyers:

  1. Demand-specific buyer: This buyer goes to the market to satisfy the demand. For example, if the family TV has stopped working, the buyer goes to the market to buy one. Demand triggers the purchase.
  2. Supply-specific buyer: This buyer constantly keeps his eye on the market. The buyer keeps monitoring available discounts, and new features on the products, services, and solutions. They continue to keep up to date with the things that they are interested in.
  3. Smart buyer: The smart buyer understands their needs and keeps up to date with the supply of products, services, and solutions within the market. The smart buyer makes a conscious and educated decision to invest in things that gives a top return on their investment.

When it comes to investing in technology, which type of buyer are you?