Whom are you listening to?

Decision making

We must pay attention to whom we are listening to!

For instance, if I have a headache, it may not be a good idea to listen to the advice of someone else’s who has suffered from a headache. Instead, I will be much better off consulting a physician.

We often hear and follow advice from people with a narrow focus and domain knowledge.

For instance:

  • During ERP selection, we often see the operational staff (Warehouse manager, Finance manager) influencing executive management’s selection decisions.
  • During ERP implementation, rather than learning the selected new ERP, the Operational staff dictates how ERP should be configured based on their previous experience.
  • Rather than hiring a professional Project Manager (PM), we appoint and listen to an internal PM who may have a narrow production/Finance project management experience.

We do this on many occasions without thinking. So take a moment to reflect on whom are you listening to.

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