Why do the Salespeople earn a bad name?

Visioning and Selection

You must have heard the following phrases:

Hello, this is not a sales call!

I am not selling you anything!

We are here to give you information only. We are not selling anything.

What is wrong with selling? Why do Salespeople earn a bad name?

Sales are projected as sophisticated looting.

But why it is so?

Sales professionals should have valued and respected among the customer community. They help customers identify problems, engage the right stakeholders to present solution options, and ensure that the decision-maker decides in a timely fashion.

It is the first step toward change and excellent service to the customer community. The customer should be thankful to Sales. But instead, Salespeople are often hated and avoided by the decision-makers.

The underlying reason for this is the Sales team’s sheer focus on closing the sale rather than serving the prospect. For Sales, the success criteria are not customer satisfaction. Instead, it is the margin on the deal: the more margin, the better. The greed of more drives the Sales.

We must change something. We know what it is, but ignore it and put it into a too hard basket!