Why do we not deal with our problems?


We often fail to acknowledge our problems. On the other hand, we don’t do anything to fix the problems that we register. Eventually, we live with them for so long that we get used to them. They become part of us!

But why do we not deal with our problems?

There are many reasons for not proactively dealing with problems in personal and business life. The following are a few reasons:

  • Routine: We are so complaisant with our routine that we do not see any problems in the process. For example, the staff members happily process information manually throughout the day and don’t see a problem.
  • Acknowledgement of problem: We are so used to the process that we do it without thinking. We do not pay attention to unnecessary manual processes, long waiting times and customer service.
  • The solution does not exist: We often assume that we are unique and there is no solution available to deal with our problem.
  • Extra work: Acknowledging, communicating and fixing problems is extra work. Many average staff members like to stick to the Status quo.
  • Deligation: Often, businesses do not invest in Business Process reviews to systematically identify and log problems. We are so used to living with the problems that only new staff members/consultants can identify issues and improvement options.
  • Status quo: The status quo has its comfort. Therefore, many learn to live with the problems.
  • Lack of leadership: This is one of the fundamental reasons we do not deal with the problems. Fixing problems require courage and strong leadership.

Out of the above list, which symptoms are affecting your organisation? More importantly, what are you doing it?