Why hire a consultant while the internet has tons of information?

Visioning and Selection

Self-help is a good thing. But be careful; self-help can be self-harm when you have little information and much isolation.

Many SMEs assume they can select, implement and rollout enterprise software in-house. Without help, they reinvent every wheel. As a result, they make little progress, and tired and exhausted, they give up. I have come across many SMEs who have given up on their enterprise software dream. It has simply become too complex to handle.

It is okay to search on the internet and educate yourself. But, no one becomes a doctor by reading online medical research papers.  

Do not make costly mistakes of DIY enterprise software implementation. Instead, seek help from professional consultants. They will hold your hands and help you take the next step in the digital transformation journey.

That is why hire a consultant while the internet has tons of information!