Why is every project different?

Organisation Culture

Project delivery teams love to standardise things, so it is easy to rinse and repeat!

In the Project execution, the repeatable steps are easy to replicate and automate. Further, it increases the efficiency and profitability of the delivery teams.

Standardising project methodology and approach is good thinking, but we have a problem!

The problem is that every project is different.

Let us unpack why is every project different.

The primary reason is that various projects have different Project teams and stakeholders.

But what is fundamentally different, you may ask?

The difference is in the project priorities and organisational culture.

So, what does drive the differences in priorities and culture?

Primarily, the priorities and culture within the project are driven by the executives and their KPIs.

You may have experienced a few projects with a focus on:

  • completing the project in time is the top priority or,
  • ensuring that all stakeholders are involved in decision-making or,
  • completing a project within budget is essential or,
  • utilising the allocated budget within a current financial year.

The projects are different because of the difference in priorities and culture at the top. As a sponsor, help understand your priorities and culture to the Project Team and vendors.

Note that your project is different from every other project. So, help the Project Team by helping them learn about something unique to you and your business!