Ask for a workable product! Don’t forget – Less is more!

Project Execution

The customer Project team often gets stuck in the perfection trap. As they know more about the possibilities during the Enterprise software implementation, they ask for more stuff. The following are a few of the standard requests:

  • Additional module – For example, request to implement advanced inventory and engineering modules.
  • Integration – Additional scope to integrate other applications with the ERP
  • Automation – Additional workflows to automate the business processes

On the surface, it looks good. The business is engaged, and they want to implement additional enhancements. However, remember that additional enhancements will take more time and effort. The project timeline may have to be extended.

As a Sponsor, you must protect the project timeline. Therefore, as covered in the previous post, you should ensure that project completes as per the planned timeline.

So, ensure that your message is quite clear:

  • Keep your focus on the project end date
  • Ask the Project team that you are looking for a workable product (not a perfect product)
  • Inform the business stakeholders that the Project team will continuously improve the product based on feedback
  • Any additional scope must be approved by you or the Project Board

In summary, ask the Project team to develop a workable product and not a perfect product. Note to keep it simple – don’t forget less is more in enterprise application rollouts!

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