Project Sponsors: What is your role in stakeholder analysis?

Stakeholder Analysis

Have you, as a project sponsor, ever pondered on your role in stakeholder analysis?

Stakeholder Analysis is typically one of the initial activities undertaken during project initiation, with the Project Manager commonly assuming responsibility for this task. However, as a Sponsor, your involvement is critical.

Given that Project Managers are often hired for specific projects and may be new to the organisation, your experience in navigating the company can be invaluable in helping them get up to speed.

One way you can assist is by preparing a table listing all known stakeholders and providing it to the Project Manager. By sharing your insights and perspectives, you can give the Project Manager a head start in understanding the group dynamics and stakeholders. If you are unfamiliar with these factors, you can still facilitate the process by finding someone who is.

NamePositionCommunication StyleImpact due to project
Joe BlogManager, FinanceFace to FaceNegative, likely to lose staff due to automation
Karen BrownManager, OperationsTeams chat, informal communication, do not like surprisesPositive, the operations department is likely to grow
Example only

The example table provided is only a starting point, but the key message is that by sharing your insights and experience with the Project Manager in a structured and logical way, you can help set them up for success.