In the pursuit of inner peace!


  • “Life is short; I want to be at the top of the ladder before I am 40.
  • Acceptance is blissful. I need to practice accepting life as it happens.
  • Life is uncertain; my family is my priority.
  • Money is not everything. I will live for passion, not money.
  • I will be a billionaire by 40 and spend the rest of my life-solving world problems.
  • Nothing I do will matter in the whole scheme of things. So, there is reason for me to run for arbitrary goals.

We can argue about each of the above statements. We have different beliefs about life, too.

The first thing is to know about our belief system. There is value in observing how our belief systems are driving our daily decisions. Then, understanding the core reasons for negative or positive emotions becomes more accessible.

Over the last few years, I have found inner peace by changing my belief system and being a more present observer of life.