Why do some project tasks linger to frustrate us?


Why is it difficult to get the Project team to close the tasks as per the plan?

Why there are lingering subtasks that are never completed?

Days and weeks pass by, and we burn time and resources, but something is always pending. Have you had this experience?

So, why do some project tasks linger?

The answer to this question is, in turn, hidden in these questions:

  • Maybe ask yourself, what is the incentive for someone to complete the task?
  • Why should someone take the initiative to close the task?
  • What difficulties the task owner or stakeholders may experience when the task is deemed to be complete (e.g. critique, more work)?
  • Is sitting on existing work a more comfortable position for the task owner?
  • What are the repercussions if the task is not completed on time?
  • Who is liable if the task is delayed?

The answer to the above question will shed light on the root cause of why do some project tasks linger?