Diving into Success: Why Action is Key to Achieving Your Goals!


Approximately a year ago, we made a decision to switch our daughter’s swim school. While she’s in class, I tend to browse social media, listen to audiobooks, or jot down ideas on my Note10.

One day, I ran into a Punjabi acquaintance at the pool, who was equipped with his swimming gear. Regrettably, swimming isn’t a prevalent pastime in Punjab. Intrigued, I asked him, “How did you learn to swim?”

His reply astounded me. He responded, “Brother, you need to jump into the pool to learn swimming!”

take action

He went on to explain how we frequently discuss how to swim, but never actually get in the pool to learn. He urged me to take action and jump in the pool!

I must confess, I was just gathering information that day and had no intentions of taking any action. Nevertheless, his words struck a chord within me, and I purchased my own swimming gear. The following week, I took a leap of faith and jumped into the pool during my daughter’s swim class.

I’m so thankful for that brief conversation! I’m grateful for the opportunity to jump in the pool every week.

This is a common phenomenon. We discuss improving business processes and launching new projects without actually taking any action. Similarly, executives discuss implementing ERP and undergoing digital transformation without any action.

Consider taking the plunge and jumping in the pool! It’s liberating! Action is key to achieving your goals.