Are you with Alice in Wonderland?

Visioning and Selection

Executives are visionaries by nature. They imagine the future and invest resources to make it happen. Sometimes we see them in their imaginary world, dreaming about the future of the business.

Oh, I don’t want my customers to call us. They should have information available on their mobile app.


I want my employees to click a button, and information should be available for them!

Sounds familiar?

It is excellent to be visionary and aim to improve the experience of your stakeholders. But note that your vision alone is not good enough.

It will help if you socialise with someone who can understand your vision, ask you the right questions, challenge you for being unrealistic, and connect you with people who help you manifest your vision.

Talk to a Consultant/Business Analyst/ Advisor who can help you take the next step. Systematically, make your vision a reality!

Otherwise, you may feel that no one understands you.

Are you engaging with the right people to manifest your vision to reality, or; wondering alone in an imaginary world – with Alice in Wonderland?