All businesses are made up of the same molecule! No kidding!


Let me tell you that your business is not much different from Apple or Sony.

You may be feeling a little confused.

But wait, take a step back and view your business through the lens of the ‘service’.

Your business is nothing but a collection of services. The services can be customer-facing, vendor-facing or internal.

For example, consider a retail business. The business is the subset of the collection of the following services:

  • Point of Sale: This is a customer-facing service to scan the item and charge the customer.
  • Procurement: This is vendor facing service to buy goods/services for the business.
  • Inventory management: This is an internal service to manage the inventory on ongoing bases.

So, the retail business is just a collection of services. Likewise, your business is a collection of services, and so does,  Apple or Sony.

With the lens of the service, all businesses are made up of the same molecule! The molecule’s name is services.

Prepare a simple view of your business by using Business Service Mapping template and example. See the difference in simplicity; you can document the summary of your entire business on one page!

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