Are you flowing with the change?

Change Management

We invest in a flashy new website. We celebrate and show to our customers, friends, and employees. But, after a few years, we often find that the website does not accurately represent our business. So, what has changed? Maybe nothing substantially big. Instead, a constant set of small changes.

Similarly, we invest in enterprise systems. We celebrate the project team’s hard work and assume we are done. After all, the new system is built now!

After a few years, we find that the workflows, security roles, and integrations are no longer relevant to the business. Again, it might be due to small changes in customer requirements, employees, regulators, and suppliers over time.

Note that we are never done with technology assets (Web applications, ERP, CRM, Cyber security). We are constantly changing with the world around us. If we don’t keep our technology assets up to date, they soon become irrelevant.

The change is constant. It has always been. Are you flowing with the change?

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