Are your requirements futureproof? Serious question!


Let me ask you: Are your requirements futureproof?

I know it is a tricky question to answer.

How can anyone predict the future? But, we must have a vision for the future.

When you buy a new house to live in, you may not know your exact requirements. However, you may have a vision for the future. For instance, I need a bigger laundry for the growing family and huge storage.

Similarly, we must develop a clear vision for how we like to operate in future. For example, should we centralise/decentralise procurement? Should we consider outsourcing Shared services facilities?

It is vital to understand possible future operating models before investing in any enterprise technology solutions.

Futureproof your requirements by engaging a professional consultant/Business Analyst/Architect. The last thing you want to do is invest millions in automating precisely what you are doing now. The world has moved on! You should too!

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