The Real Challenge in Automating Business Processes: Navigating Stakeholder Priorities and Agendas

Change Management

Changing business processes and automating them is often a difficult task. The work itself may be straightforward. But, often the real challenge in automating Business processes is the people. In enterprise-wide projects, stakeholders often have their own priorities and agendas. They tend to form groups that influence their ideas. These groups often chase after power and politics. Some may benefit when projects take longer. A few may lose their jobs or have to learn new skills, which makes them uncomfortable with change.

Project teams often overcomplicate things. We experience a constant struggle between different departments. Vendors may benefit from this organised chaos.

Bringing change to organisations is a challenging task, but it is not impossible. As a leader, it is essential to understand the real-world dynamics and be on top of change implementation projects. Business owners and executives must work with each group, show them the end goal, and explain what is in it for them. The ultimate goal is to take everyone together on a fruitful and fair journey!