But our business is different!

Not for Profit

This theme is common among all Non for Profit (NFP) organisations.

They object very vividly by claiming: But our business is different!

NFPs perceive their organisation to be unique and different. They often struggle with the idea of adapting to the standard enterprise software (ERP/CRM). They find it difficult to relate to new terms and concepts. Many times standard out-of-the-box enterprise solution does not make sense to the NFP Project team.

Do you have a similar dilemma?

Here are a few self-help questions:

  • How is your organisation unique and different?
  • What makes your organisation unique? Is it a service, product, or regulatory obligation?
  • What makes you think the new software must meet your current business needs?
  • How do you know your business requirements are correct and complete?
  • If you are in a traditional business (Aged care, Disability, Memberships), how exactly do you differentiate from your competition?
  • How do you know you are capturing complete data in the current system?
  • How do you know the data structure and relationships are correct in the existing system?
  • What makes you think that the workflows you are proposing are logical?

You may think your organisation is different, but it may well not be!

Question your assumptions and seek outside help where relevant.

The last thing you may want to do is to build a new system to deliver current processes! It is a recipe for disaster!

Ask the above questions to clarify how different your organisation actually is!

I guarantee your business is not as different as you think!