Can the Project Objective change during the project?


Here is a question for you:

Can the Project Objective change during the project?

Before we address this question, we must cover some basics.

The Project Objective answers the fundamental question:

Why are we executing the project? What is the purpose of the project?

It is vital to educate all stakeholders about the objective of the project. However, it is widespread to see projects with no formal objective. If there is an objective, it is too vague to add any value.

If you want to develop a project objective for your project, refer to this resource.

Now the question is, can the Project objective change during the project?

The answer is ‘yes’!

As we progress on the project implementation, we learn more about the problem we are solving and potential solutions. It helps us to think about the bigger picture. So, if our assumptions and understanding evolve during the project, it is completely fine to rewrite the Project Objective. Communicate openly within the team about the new Project Objective. Finally, formalise and communicate the new Project objective to all stakeholders.

So, we are no longer stuck with any Project Objective. If it makes sense, we should seriously consider updating it.

The Project Objective is a fundamental element that defines the project. Therefore, the sponsor must ensure that there is a Project Objective for every project and it is kept up to date.