Change Resistance: Is Your Approach Dragging People Into Survival Mode?

Change Management

Adversity teaches us lessons, and COVID-19 was no exception. During tough times, we enter survival mode, becoming self-centred and opportunistic. We behave as though there’s no tomorrow.

During the pandemic, people hoarded everything from toilet paper to oxygen cylinders. They took advantage of the situation without shame. Looking back, we realise that this behaviour set us back as a society.

However, we must recognise that when in survival mode, we often panic and make irrational decisions. As business executives leading organisational change, we complain that staff resist change, but we must admit that we may be pushing too hard and causing employees to enter survival mode.

Our stakeholders may not be resisting change but may be uncomfortable with how we are implementing it. If you are experiencing change resistance, take time to reflect on your approach. Is the project team taking everyone on a journey, or are they pushing people into survival mode?

In times of change, it’s essential to lead with empathy and understanding, taking all stakeholders on the journey together. By doing so, we can successfully navigate difficult times and emerge stronger as a society.