Beware, choose your enterprise software wisely!

Visioning and Selection

I hate to say it! It is frustrating but true.

The Enterprise software industry is full of BS!

I have encountered a customer who needed enterprise software for hospitality services. The customer was led to a path of buying a midtier ERP (for Finance), a POS product and another hospitality management software. Believe it or not, these three products do not talk to each other. There is no integration. After nine months and over $400K, the customer gave up.

Another customer selected a specialist software with a money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, it was another wasted effort too!

Mansions are not made on sand pits! Enterprise software (ERP) is the digital backbone of your business. ERP implementation is one of the significant digital investments. To de-risk, this investment, ensure that you choose your enterprise software wisely.

Seek specialist professional help for software selection if you have to. But, don’t make the costly mistake of choosing the wrong software. It is not fun to fall on your face and smile because others did the same too. So, let’s learn from their mistakes and choose your enterprise software wisely!

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