Win by following a Common Sense Approach to Communication!


Effective communication is essential, yet many struggles with it. There are countless books and resources available on the topic. However, we still encounter challenges in conveying our message clearly and getting our point across. So why is communicating effectively so difficult?

When it comes to communicating with friends and family, we tend to have fewer issues. So why do we suffer from communication problems in the corporate world?

Perhaps we are getting too caught up in following structured advice from communication books. Such as how to structure sentences, build rapport, or mirror body language and tone. While this advice may be useful. We may need to take a more common sense approach to communication.

Being fluid and genuine in our conversations can make a huge difference. We need to be better individuals at our core and learn to speak from our hearts. When we speak with authenticity, people can feel our words as music and our energy as a magical positive vibration. Connections are made through the heart, and we need to learn to speak from our hearts too.

It’s time to be real, serve and connect from the heart. We need to be genuine and authentic to build an incredible amount of trust. When people love us for who we are, our communication reaches a whole different level.

So let’s focus on being real and speaking from the heart. We must be genuine, serve from the heart, and build trust. By doing so, we can take our communication to a new level and become even better leaders.