Comparing solution options can make you cry!

Visioning and Selection

So, we have a business problem to solve.

We want to automate end-to-end business processes to remove silos, increase efficiency and improve our customer experience.

The solution options are:

  1. Update the existing ERP and develop integrations between the ERP and CRM systems
  2. Replace the ERP with a new ERP and integrated CRM module
  3. Replace the current ERP with a new ERP and integrate it with the existing CRM

Within each option, there are further sub-options. As an executive, it is not easy comparing solution options. Each option has a multitude of assumptions and unknowns. So how to decide which option is best for the business?

The answer is that there is no perfect answer.

So, as a decision maker, you must understand that it is difficult to compare solution options. For a little complex business, you cannot compare apples with apples, unfortunately.

Further note that the budget estimates proposed for each option can be guesswork. The budget assigned for the project implementation can be merely an expectation set with you. Due to ambiguity, many things are up in the air during the project start.

As a sponsor, be prepared for the potential changes as you move forward on the project. So, put aside a separate secret contingency budget to deal with the unknowns. Surprises are inevitable, so better to be prepared for them!