Consistency is the Key to Greatness!


We know that consistency is the key to greatness.

For instance:

  • Consistently eating quality food is a key to excellent health.
  • Consistently lifting weights makes us strong.
  • Consistently working hard brings success.

The same principle applies to Business improvement.

It is not about what we did yesterday (a big software implementation). Instead, it is about what we are consistently doing every day.

For example,

  • Consistently eliminating steps/processes that are not required.
  • Consistently maintaining checks on data quality.
  • Keeping software systems up to date.
  • Training and retaining staff on the new processes.
  • Monitoring and unblocking bottlenecks in the process.

It is consistency that matters.

But note that such consistent actions do not happen automatically. So, as business leaders, we must find a way to make it happen!