Consulting services on massive sale!

Visioning and Selection

Consulting services on massive sale! Take while consulting hours last!

Buy 1, Get 1 free! While we have enough consulting hours!

Get an additional 30% off when buying consulting services for the next six months!

It sounds absurd, isn’t it?

Yet, we compare professional services proposals in the Board rooms, comparing prices, hours, and artwork on the documentation.

Hiring a professional services firm is a science and an art. You cannot compare apples with apples, as each vendor bidding on the project may have a different offering, approach and intended outcome. Therefore, we must understand the holistic value of each proposal.

It is not just what is there for us; we must also know what is there for the prospective vendor. We must aim for win-win engagement.

Writing a fantastic proposal and delivering what is promised are two different things. Typically, done by two different teams (Sales and Delivery resp.) and often does not match.

So, let me not see you comparing prices on the consulting proposals in the Board room next time!