Creativity sounds too positive!


‘Creativity’ sounds too positive.

For example:

  • The Project lead is creative in managing the expectations of stakeholders.
  • We have to work under the given constraints and get creative in developing a solution.
  • We cannot do what we have always done, it is time to get creative.

By default, the word creative has a positive association with it.

The reality is that we have glorified creativity. For anything that has positive results, we label it as creative. However, when anything extraordinary fails, we may label it dumb.

For instance, iPhone is a creative product but not so much Palm Pre. The same example is true for Blackberry Key2.

Creativity is about thinking differently. The results of a creative solution can vary. Sometimes we may have ground breaking success, and other times humiliating failures. In both cases, we may still be equally creative. So, it is worth thinking about creativity beyond the outcome matrix.