The Customer Connection: Stand Out in a Busy World!

Customer Relationship Management

Our prospects and customers seem to be occupied and may not be inclined to invest in our offerings at this time. We may assume that they lack the necessary time or funds to engage with us, but this is not the full picture. Time and money are valuable resources that individuals allocate to what they prioritise. If our prospects are preoccupied or hesitant to invest, it simply means that we have not made it to their priority list.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about learning as much as possible about our prospects and customers, and strategically winning their business by offering them products and services that they cannot resist. CRMs are about customer connection!

Developing a deep connection with our customers is not an easy task, but it is achievable.

  • Consider the phenomenon of individuals lining up for hours to purchase the latest Apple phone at a premium price
  • Think of a popular local boutique shop that offers services for a limited time, resulting in long lines of customers.
  • Ask why people are willing to pay a premium price and wait for months to purchase their favourite luxury watch.