What is the role of the Customer Project Manager in Enterprise software implementation?


Remember, we spoke about building a family house in the last post?

Please read and refresh your memory before continuing further.

Building a big family house can have some challenges:

  • The family members sharing needs of the house may provide conflicting requirements to the Builder
  • They may not thoroughly check the design and ensure that the house is being built as per the agreed design
  • They may ask for too many changes, which can affect the cost
  • They may not coordinate with each other
  • They may take too long to get back to the Builder
  • The Builder may not be attending to the family member’s request
  • The Builder may not be acting professionally
  • The Builder may be overcharging and delaying the work

So, you need someone to work with the family members and the Builder. The main objective of this role is to ensure that the project is managed on your behalf.

In the Enterprise Application implementation, this is the role of the Customer Project Manager.

The Customer Project Manager works with the vendors and your internal staff (SMEs) to ensure that the project is successful.

Unfortunately, it is pretty common to see one big mistake that sponsors consistently make. They appoint an internal staff member (with a bit of IT/ Project Management understanding) as a Customer Project Manager. The Sponsors may want to save some cost but risk the whole initiative.

The Customer Project Manager has a vital role to play. Do not underestimate its importance. Do justice with your project by appointing a professional Customer Project Manager. Don’t cut corners here, as it is not worth it!

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