Time to Stir the Pot: Dare to be a Rebel!


Why do the places where people intend to catch up always seem to be filled with deafening noise and blaring music?

Why is it that when tough times arise, friendships and close relationships tend to dissolve?

Why do powerful nations often escape unscathed even after causing significant disasters?

Why is it that female athletes’ attire is designed to reveal more than to cover their bodies?

Why do bosses always seem to have all the right answers?

Why is blue associated with boys and pink with girls?

We have been conditioned to accept the status quo, and those who challenge it are often labelled as rebels. Rebels are the ones who dismantle the status quo and pave the way for a new future. They exhibit courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to make sacrifices. People do not choose this path to become great; they choose it because they are driven to effect change.

Challenging the status quo and being rebellious in our own small spheres has value. So why not challenge the status quo and take out a little rebel hiding within us?

Dare to be a rebel, and more power to you!