Why not to become a difficult customer?


Vendors often label a few customers as difficult customers.

Vendors label them as difficult because they:

  • maybe demanding high standards of service, or
  • challenge the boundaries of the solution, or
  • they shout out when vendors do not deliver on their promises
  • keep a thorough check on the quality of delivery

So, why not to become a difficult customer?

If you are difficult for the right reasons, then don’t be shy from being difficult. The point is to maintain high standards of delivery. You ensure that the team (internal/external) is on their toes, to maximise value from the investment. You are not against the vendors. Instead, you are proactively managing the relationship with them to deliver the right outcome for your business.

As a Project Sponsor, don’t be shy from being a difficult customer. More importantly, be difficult for the right reasons. Protect the interest of your organisation and serve them by maintaining high delivery standards throughout the project delivery.