Digital Transformation Takes Time! Be Patient!


Digital Transformation takes time. It is not a six-month project. It is also not the implementation of a few software products.

Digital Transformation is like a significant refurbishing of a house. First, you start with what you have. Then, you plan the future design and work toward a planned final state step-by-step.

Digital Transformation Takes Time

The point is that it takes time.

Because it is not just implementing different pieces of technology. It is also about the changes in the business processes and company culture. It takes time to embed technology within the business.

Education is a large part of the transformation. You must educate and support the stakeholders to fully utilise the new digital capabilities. So, train customers, suppliers, employees about the new ways of doing things.

The point is that Digital Transformation takes time!

So, be patient; modern software applications and technology should not distract you. They are a small part of the transformation. As a sponsor, develop a big picture, plan the journey, and take the stakeholders with you on the journey.

Good luck! Have a fruitful journey!

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