Disrupt the present rituals for a better tomorrow!

Project Execution

  • Consider ditching the weekly Project Status Report (PSR) meeting with the live Project Status dashboard.
  • Consider replacing Risk registers and risk review meetings with dynamic Risk dashboards. Let the owners of risk call for meetings when and if required.
  • Consider budget management at a task level rather than a project level. Assign a budget to each task and make the task owner accountable for completing the task in the allocated budget.
  • The resource who will perform the given task should not provide an estimate for it. There is a clear conflict of interest.
  • Rather than measuring whether the project is completed within the allocated budget, we may be better off measuring the value offered by the given investment.

In projects and life, we do things in set ways and patterns. We have a choice to continue what we have been doing or disrupt the present rituals for a better tomorrow!