Distraction is the pain reliever! But do you know the pain?


Many dental practices stick a nice TV screen in front of you while lying on the dentist’s chair. Its purpose is to distract you from a possible painful dental procedure.

Many waiting rooms have magazines, toys, TV and other stuff for the same reason, making the waiting less painful.

People drink alcohol and overeat, possibly as a distraction to temporarily forget some form of pain.

We pick up our phones and scroll endlessly many times in the day and night to distract ourselves possibly from some pain.

The distractions are everywhere. They certainly help to relieve pain. From the fancy animation that appears while your app is loading on the phone to team-building events, there is no end to distractions.

We should, however, understand when we distract ourselves and running away from pain. There is value in understanding the pain as well.

We should also be vigilant that people around us are not distracting and manipulating to hide their pain.

Finally, yes, distraction is the pain reliever! But do you know the pain?

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