Do not abandon workflows! You have more work to do!

Project Execution

In the good olden days, managers had a visual system. There were piles of files at every desk. If the intray is piling up, the person in charge needs help. Life was much simple. The manager can go around the office and sort out the bottlenecks simply by looking at the amount of paper.

However, with the introduction of enterprise software (ERP/CRM) and BPM tools, the workflows are on our digital devices. The common assumption is that the workflows are automated, so we are done. However, this is the exact problem. The initial implementation of the workflows is our starting point. We need SMART dashboards and visual tools for managers to monitor and resolve bottlenecks. We need data to support us in eliminating unnecessary steps and streamlining our workflows. We must optimise triggers to push our approvals. Further, tracking information processing KPIs and reporting.

Don’t consider that the workflows are done after the first implementation. They need a lot more work and ongoing care. So do not abandon workflows soon after they are implemented!